Does going to an unexplored yet beautiful set of islands with virgin beaches and pleasant atmosphere with your loved ones excite you?

How about a trip which has?

  1. Complete privacy amidst Nature
  2. No disturbance as there’s no phone connectivity
  3. Romantic Dinners at the beach
  4. Play in the water – fantastic water sports activities available
  5.  treat to the taste buds with delicious and unlimited food

We present you five unexplored islands of Lakshadweep this winter (best time to visit, from Dec to April)

Lakshadweep is one of the few marvels left untouched by the encroaching hands of industrialisation and progress.

The white beaches, the lagoons that wash its shores with the coral reefs which enclose it, and finally the deep blue sea-all these are symbiotically linked with each other. And, when all these are added up, Lakshadweep is no longer the tiniest of India’s territories but the largest!

The temperature remains between 22°C to 36°C, and one can partake in adventures like surfing, swimming, canoeing, snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing, kayaking and so on.

After the summer months, monsoon rains between June and August, make the place even greener. The peak season in Lakshadweep is from December to April.

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